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A Brand YOU Can Trust

 Colormates Cosmetics has supplied premium products and has created a distinguished name  within the beauty industry. The 1998 launch of Colormates Cosmetics blister value pack, floor stand & spinner rack programs, has afforded prosperous-long-standing and loyal customer partnerships.

Colormates Cosmetics, has enjoyed continuous growth and lucrative sell-thru's within the budget-line division of cosmetics, nail art & accessories. Successfully offering the highest quality items at the most affordable price, Colormates Cosmetics has praisefully met the unique beauty needs and demands of every age & ethnicity throughout the globe.

As our team continues to expand assortments with groundbreaking, state-of-the-art innovations, Colormates Cosmetics will continue to forge ahead with immountable quality and top notch value, all while maintaining an excellent forefront within the marketplace.

Our highly motivated corporate support staff, from business development to our very dedicated warehouse personnel, strive to provide prompt, efficient and reliable service with every shipment.